The Piyalgeria Community Center Construction

Prof Mohan gives an account on his project in the Piyalgeria Village where community members come together to materialise the idea of constructing local spaces for their activities through participatory workshops, designing surveys and village-level meetings . With the community’s decision to build a local community center, the members took charge of the budget, the design and the labour of the project.

Prof Mohan on “Civility and Listening”

In this video, Prof Mohan talks about the relationship between civility and listening as discussed in the Culture-Centred Approach (CCA) and addresses how civility actually removes the possibilities of listening to the subaltern communities’ voices in the dominant structures.

9/11 and The Terror Narrative

9/11 should set a reminder for us to always question and analyse the dominant narratives circulated by power structure. In this video, Prof Mohan addresses the need for us to critically interrogate the discourse and arguments presented by the United States, paying particular attention to the roles played by the US in reproducing “terror” across the Middle East.

Civility and Communication

Prof Mohan investigates the dismissal of Professor Steven Salaita by The University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign due to his actions of not following the normative ideas of civility. Prof Mohan questions what really is civility, especially how it is defined in the context of social media. He also addresses what are the norms around this concept of civility and the governing structures that determine the implementation of these norms.

The Deconstruction of the Meeting between Tony Blair & Benjamin Netanyahu

A clip of the meeting between Tony Blair and Benjamin Netanyahu during the onset of the Israel-Palestine war was circulated online and using the fabrication of the 3 children being kidnapped as a pretext, Dr Mohan interrogates the narrative constructed in this video. He also invites us to see how the relationship between Israel and the Western world is being suggested.