[CNM-CARE Research Talk] Prof Teresa Thompson


After delivering her three-day workshop on Health Communications, Prof Teresa Thompson gave a talk on embracing an individual’s or a loved one’s End of Life. Prof Teresa touched on the differing approaches to hope from the beginning of the process, the issues pertaining to the denial of death, the approaches of death and other decision-making practices that come along with the process of End of Life.

A Workshop with Professor Teresa Thompson

We were graced with the presence of Professor Teresa Thompson who shared with us her insights and experiences on various aspects of health communication. Spanning over 3 days, the workshop has given the participants a chance to interact with Professor Thompson and share their related experiences with her. If you have missed the workshop, here is your chance to catch up with what you have missed.

DAY 01 – Health Communication: Interdisciplinary, Multidisciplinary, Transdisciplinary

Covering the history of the development of the field of Health Communication and the many perspectives that are brought to bear in the study of the interrelationships of communication, health, and health care delivery, this workshop will also emphasize relevant publication outlets and key trends in the field. Practical application and dissemination of research will be an important focus.

DAY 02 – Health Risk Communication: New Challenges for the World Health Organization

The World Health Organization is undertaking the development of empirically-based risk guidelines for addressing health epidemics and natural disasters. This workshop will focus upon the directions this project is taking and how these guidelines will be used.

DAY 02 – Health Communication Campaigns: Audiences, Messages, Effects

Health campaign research has grown to be one of the biggest areas of areas of study in Health Communication. This workshop will emphasize theoretical bases for campaigns, the development and testing of messages, and implementation of change initiatives.

DAY 03’s session was not recorded as it was a sharing session between Prof Teresa and the participants.

Prof. Mohan on “Health Information Inequality”

In this video, Prof. Mohan addresses the issue of Information Inequality within the context of policies and agreements that impact human health. There are only certain information that is made accessible to the public regarding these policies and the decisions made within agreements usually involve very little public participation. Prof Mohan argues that these two elements have very important health consequences that are not being argued about, and thus the need for more democratic spaces.

[Respect Our Rights Campaign] Documentary Screening, Panel Discussion and Photovoice Exhibition

The screening of our first documentary for the “RESPECT OUR RIGHTS” campaign was recently held earlier last month on the 5th February at the Ngee Ann Kongsi Auditorium. The documentary was collaboratively produced with 27 foreign domestic workers who shared their stories during their terms of employment here in Singapore. The aim of this documentary is to raise awareness on the various issues and challenges experienced by these workers.

A panel discussion followed after the screening which consists of:
Mr Jolovan Wham – Executive Director of H.O.M.E.
Ms Celine Dermine – Legal Consultant for H.O.M.E.
Prof. Mohan Dutta – Head of CNM & Director of CARE
Ms Juvy Lavarias – Ex Domestic Worker & Advisory Board participant

A Photovoice exhibition was also held outside the venue to showcase the photographs that were taken by a group of foreign domestic workers. This participatory image-making workshops have given them opportunities to represent themselves and empowering them through visual literacy and image-gathering skills. These photos were also aimed to raise public awareness about their plight working here in Singapore.

[CNM-CARE RESEARCH TALK] Ms. Beverly Wellman on “Why Do Patients Seek Out Integrative Health Care? Expectations, Experiences, and Networks.”

Ms Beverly Wellman is a medical sociologist (M.Sc.) at the Dalla Lana Faculty of Public Health at the University of Toronto who has been researching and writing on Complementary and Alternative Medicine (CAM). In this talk, Ms Wellman shares about her investigation with her research colleague, Dr. Merrily Kelner, regarding the patients’ decisions on turning to integrative health care clinics that combine biomedicine and CAM for their health problems.

[CNM-CARE RESEARCH TALK] Prof. Barry Wellman on “How the Technical and the Social Are Leading to Networked Individualism in North America – But What about Singapore?”

Prof Barry Wellman, the Co-Director of the NetLab Network at the iSchool, University of Toronto, delivered his talk on Networked Individualism and discussed about the “triple revolution” that is happening in North America and how it has transformed the way people interact there. He extended the conversation to explore whether this holds true in the Singaporean context.