‘Black Day’ for LGBT Rights in India

Black day


As I walked into the HIV/AIDS Alliance office in Hyderabad, India, I met Vijay Nair, Program Manager, Pehchan, who appeared distressed. Shaking my hand, he said it is a ‘black day’ for the LGBT (lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender) community in India. I did not immediately grasp what he meant. He explained that the Supreme court of India had rejected a progressive Delhi High court judgement that decriminalised Section 377, an 1861 colonial law banning same-sex behaviour among consenting adults, which is punishable upto 10-years in prison. Instead, the Supreme Court wanted the Indian Parliament to change the law.

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Re(Emplotting) Health Stories: Patient-Provider Communication as Narrative Co-construction – A Talk by Prof. Barbara Sharf

This presentation will focus on two main questions:
1. What does it means to be an “active patient?” and
2. How does effective patient-provider communication occur?

To explore these questions, we will examine a detailed interview account from Gina, a young woman living with diabetes, a life-altering and -threatening illness connected to her extremely troubled family medical history. We will use a narrative analysis approach to understand the dynamics underlying Gina’s struggles with her family, her disease, and relationships with her physicians, as a means to illustrating a more general conceptual framework about patienthood and patient-provider communication.