In 2012, as Prof. Mohan Dutta assumed the role of Head at the Department of Communications and New Media at the National University of Singapore, he was also given the opportunity to establish a research lab that would extend his work on culture-centered research to communities worldwide. This was CARE. Prof. Dutta then turned to research assistant Daniel Teo to undertake the mammoth task of setting up the lab. Beginning in June 2012, it took Daniel three months to pull together office, lab, and field equipment, begin ethics committee reviews for the first few research studies, and set up CARE’s presence online. Daniel also created CARE’s logo which makes use of three arrows to symbolize the core culture-centered concepts of culture, structure and agency. The vaguely anthropomorphic arrows also suggest individuals in the midst of struggle, a nod to the social justice agenda of culture-centered research. The latter half of 2012 also saw the arrival of CARE’s first crop of researchers: Dr. Kang Sun (PhD, Bowling Green State University, Ohio), Dr. Jagadish Thaker (PhD, George Mason University, Virginia), and Sarah Comer (MA, University of Georgia, Georgia). By the end of 2012, the international team had begun fieldwork in Singapore, India and China. Since then, CARE projects have flourished in marginalized communities around the world. Projects of note include our work on migrant workers’ health and women’s heart health in Singapore, HIV prevention in India, and rural health in China. CARE has also organized numerous research seminars and documentary screenings, all in efforts to keep discussions on culture-centered research and social change going.

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