Empiricism and the project of critical social sciences: The contribution of the CCA

By Prof Mohan Dutta Culture-centered projects of social change intervene in the elite world of theorizing by seeking to co-create spaces for subaltern theories. A key element of this intervention is the actual creation of material and symbolic spaces for subaltern articulations in conversations with subaltern communities. Subaltern theories emerge through conversations among subaltern communities, activists, and academics. Empiricism, attending to the expressions of materiality in everyday lived experiences, is integral to the formulation of theories within the meta-theoretical framework of the CCA. Emergent theories voiced through articulations of lived experiences by subaltern communities, are grounded in the everyday understandings, interpretations, and actions negotiated by community members. The CCA thus is a constitutive framework for method and theory. Read More

"Respect Our Rights" Feature on TODAY Newspaper

CARE's first campaign, "Respect Our Rights", was featured on TODAY newspaper dated 10th November. As a way to raise awareness of the plight of maids here, the campaign was a joint effort with the 27 domestic workers involved and our partner H.O.M.E. (Humanitarian Organization for Migrant Economics). Also featured was our fellow CARE member, photojournalist Julio Etchart, on his “photovoice” sessions with the workers that allow them a much-needed opportunity to tell their stories. Follow the stories by clicking on the images below. ROR-care-feature-1   ROR-care-feature-2

The Piyalgeria Community Center Construction

Prof Mohan gives an account on his project in the Piyalgeria Village where community members come together to materialise the idea of constructing local spaces for their activities through participatory workshops, designing surveys and village-level meetings . With the community's decision to build a local community center, the members took charge of the budget, the design and the labour of the project.