CARE&SHARE 2: Dr. Kang Sun on "Manufacturing Identity: Peasant Workers' Spatial Production in China" [Video]

On November 15, CARE researcher Dr. Kang Sun gave a presentation on his dissertation research. His ethnographic research focused on how the identities of factory workers in China are constructed in the material realm. Kang's work was inspired by his own experiences growing up in rural China and studying in America as a graduate student. Below is a video of his presentation:

Notes on Prof. Shiv Ganesh talk on Community Resilience: Resistance and Renewal in an Age of Ecological Crisis [Video]

In the first CARE presentation, Prof. Shiv Ganesh delivered two amazing seminars on the theme of Community Resilience, Social Justice Activism and the New Dialogic. Over two sessions, Prof. Shiv Ganesh took us on a journey into the fascinating world of research on the dynamics of social movement organizing. [Video clips after the jump.] Read More

Continuing the Conversation about Privilege

During our twice-a-week CARE team meetings, I was so inspired and challenged by Kang, JT, and Dr. Dutta's' conversation about privilege and the idea of "whiteness." I think their conversation answers a lot of questions (and invites more questioning) about our role in examining our own privilege while also moving forward with both awareness and purpose. I want to invite you into this conversation! Please have a listen: [audio] Feel free to post and respond. We would love to hear your voice as well! If you're looking for more on this topic, please also visit Dr. Mohan Dutta's blog:

Response to: Entitled…Who, me?

I'm in total agreement with Sarah that to truly empathize with the less fortunate, we do need to have a healthy dose of humility. This is just my attempt to complexify the issues that she raised, because after all, the world is rarely so black-and-white. Read More