Thoughts on Academia

As the most junior member of the CARE team, I find myself in a unique position. I'm both trying to earn my wings while trying to soar alongside wonderfully talented, eager, and intelligent colleagues. Frankly, I feel blessed just to be able to keep up with them, and I still have so much to learn about being an academic, a hard-earned profession that puts you in a position of great expertise and authority. Read More

Sometimes we mistake what LISTENING truly is…

Listening does not always (and should not always) result in the listener offering his or her idea of a “solution.” Instead, authentic listening should allow us to hear first-hand the reality of how others' experiences shape their understanding/behaviors/decision-making while being honest with ourselves about what influences the way we interpret the experiences of others. Listening can only be achieved through "acknowledging the humanity of the other by creating spaces of their voices” (as Dr. Dutta told us in our meeting today). Read More