A Home for CARE

It's still early days for CARE. Today was a significant day because our furniture was finally delivered and installed. Up to now, we've been bunking in with the Department of Communications and New Media (CNM). As gracious as CNM has been in putting up with us, we still needed a place to call our own. Here are some pictures of the work earlier today: Read More

Left Behind: Care in China’s Depleted Countryside

Greetings to all! I am Sun Kang from China. I received my post-graduate education in the US, and now I have the good fortune to be part of the Center for Culture-Centered Approach to Research and Evaluation (CARE). The title of my first post is the namesake of my first CARE project, in which I would like to examine the care (or lack of it) of Chinese peasant workers’ left-behind family members in China’s countryside. To me, this project is essential to expanding the concept of "care" beyond the medical understanding of not suffering from any illness. Here are some of the basics for you to better understand this project: Read More